Thursday, August 28, 2008


I think that post, Your Letters sounded way harsh and made it seem as if I don't want any input from anybody, no email, questions, etc.

Nothing could be further from the truth! I've got unmet abandonment issues like everybody else!

So sure, you can write me with your questions and if they grab me, I'll post on them, if not "do therapy." It's mostly about grabbing me.

This has to be fun. It just has to be. So if I don't answer, if I don't post on your email, don't feel badly. I may get to it eventually, or it might land in that pile of unfinished business at the side of my bed. You have one, right? Bills you've lost, 'zines, books you'll never read.

Thanks for understanding. I rewrote the post to soften it up. So if it made you feel guilty, badly, whatever, let it go, and forgive me. You're all wonderful.



Anonymous said...

Always nice to see that you're human :)

Jack said...

FWIW, I didn't read it as being overly harsh or insensitive.

therapydoc said...

Thanks Jack, Anon. I feel better already.

porcini66 said...

Hey there! Worry not! I didn't see it as harsh either. I saw it as you setting an appropriate boundary. It's always nice to know that there is wiggle room though, so thanks for that! Enjoy the evening!

nashbabe said...

No apologies needed, but if it makes you feel better... *L*

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