About Those Nasty Sporadic Posting Habits

I apologize (why am I always apologizing) for not being consistent about posting. I used to publish something for you every day, sometimes twice a day, and it was fun, it really was.

Then #2 daughter-in-law* at one point noticed, "Hey Mom, you're not posting on the blog much anymore! What's up?" and all I could do was shake my head.

"This hurts me more than it does you," I sighed.

But I'm getting other things done this way, and I'm still writing, haven't stopped like some rabbis I know.** (

But not writing on any given day is almost impossible; I'm nowhere near the bottom of the barrel of Stuff to Teach. So I write during the week and then try to polish it up (you'd never know) and eventually get to publishing two or three posts all on one day, all at one time.

But they're dated on the days I started them, so it gets confusing, and the last thing I want to do is to confuse anyone. Life is so confusing as it is.

Maybe the only way around this conundrum (for those who find it annoying) is to subscribe to the email subscription at Feedburner. There's a blank someplace on this blog. The email goes out around 4 PM, unless I'm not ready and change the time. But it does let you know when there's something new here, so it's not a waste of time to visit.

If I publish twice a week, like I'm doing right now, you get a second email, obviously, which can be annoying, too, so many emails and all. So there isn't any great solution, here. Although I'm open to suggestions.

So confusing, sorry.

(Okay, I'll try to stop, but the apologizing season is upon us. I'll explain another time).


*Only #2 daughter-in-law by order of marriage. As my mother used to say, I love you all the same. How this is possible, I'm not sure, but it feels right, and it is right, so go figure.

**Not a rabbi, not judging, just kidding, should you think that crack was about you.


Alice said…
I subscribe by RSS, so nothing you do can ever annoy me. Go to Google, click on "more", choose "reader" and tell it all the websites you want to read regularly. Best thing on the internet for ages!

Just write as much as you can 'cos I enjoy reading it.
Anonymous said…
I subscribe to you via my feed reader (mine is google, but there are many). So, I get your new posts when you are ready to post them, and never feel neglected or overwhelmed!
cardiogirl said…
I'm on WordPress, so I don't know if blogspot allows this, but what if you write ahead, you know have five posts ready to go.

The you pre-post it to hit every other day. Now, technically you're a week ahead and you have the leisure of writing when the mood strikes you, then posting it to hit a couple days later.

Do you know what I mean? Stock pile your posts then dole them out every three days or so.

I do that when I know we'll be gone on a holiday or some other time that I know I won't be able to write.

Also, I have you in my Google Reader, so technically I do not have to visit your blog to see if or when you have updated. It shows up in Google and then I can click over to your site to leave a comment.

Maybe everyone can switch to Google Reader. Or does Feedburner do the same thing? I'm not clear on the email feature vs. the Feedburner vs. Google Reader.

Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.

Um, good luck with all of that.
Leora said…
Yes, you can schedule posts with Blogger:
Blogger now schedules

So if you finish all your polishing on a Sunday, you can schedule one for Monday, one for Weds. and one for Friday.

I think this is what cardiogirl was trying to say.

I already read you in Google Reader. But since comments are important with your blog, it seems it would be better to spread out the posting. Scheduling can do that automatically.
therapydoc said…
You're all geniuses. And don't hold off on the advice. Why do you think I blog, anyway. Think it's easy holding all these conversations in my head?

I'll try it. May have to call somebody for help.
Reas Kroicowl said…
I agree with all stated above, and I have an RSS feed too, BUT

It's your blog. You can post how often or how little you please. Your regulars will be there regardless.
Anonymous said…
you should write that blog about being scared or afraid and yelling and screaming...you said it was subtle and not subtle--sort of like a explosion underwater....
therapydoc said…
See? I could write every day. There's always something.
Melissa said…
Sporadic doesn't bother me, as long as you don't stop altogether. My blogroll on my blog is set to show when postings happen on my favorites and it automatically sorts itself by most recent, which I find really convenient! I need to add more to it though.

And I DO think it's really annoying that the posts are date/time stamped when you first start them instead of when you post them. I wish they would quit that!!!
Syd said…
I subscribe too. I've found that there are some days where I simply don't have time to post until late. And then there are some blissful days where there is nothing much that I have to say. I look at those times as good.
Lou said…
I have you on my blogroll, it updates as soon as you have a new post. I never have to click around and see an old post.(Ugh, remember doing that in the old days:) Post when you feel like it, I'll take quality over quantity. (actually I'm still reading your older posts)
frumhouse said…
I also have you on my blogroll and it let's me know when there is new content here. If all you did was write blog posts - you would have no new experiences to talk about. I don't think successful bloggers are the hermits people imagine them to be - you need experiences in the outside world to write about.
nashbabe said…
It's your blog, m'dear. Post whenever you please. :-)
therapydoc said…
Lou, Lemme know how to do that?

Nash and everyone else who either offered (offer) advice or said (says), We're good,

G-d bless.
porcini66 said…
I'm subscribed, so am notified when you post. Love to see when you've come to my in box, but I don't stress if there's time in between posts. Gives me a chance to do that pesky work thing that I do...no worries on my side. :)
Blognut said…
I do like the idea of scheduled blogs, but there's also something to be said for making us wait sometimes too.
Bottom line - Blog whenever you feel like it and don't be sorry about it. You really should talk to someone about all this guilt you put on yourself! :-)
therapydoc said…
BNut, but I'm talking to you, and you're talking to me. Who needs therapy? Wait a minute. Never mind.
I'm with Nash and BN - your blog, your decision, no apologies. It's just that sometimes, if you don't show up for a couple of days, we just worry, ya'know... you're progative to post sporadically, ours to worry sporadically....

Shabbat Shalom.
Anonymous said…
Mac users can subscribe to blogs via Safari and like Google this allows us to see if you have posted without visiting your blog.
Scheduling is also a good option.
therapydoc said…
NAD, no need to worry. Use a cognitive behavioral approach.

Therapydoc isn't blogging because she's (a) cleaning, (b) traveling, (c) working, (d) watching the convention (substitute 'her shows'), (e) talking on the phone, (f) cooking, (g) teaching,

there are more but that's more than enough to convince yourself that I haven't been hit by a truck or enmeshed by the family (almost impossible, since most of them have proven that we don't enmesh in this family by moving away).


And thanks to everyone for illuminating the process.

How do I get my blogroll to announce new posts of my favorite bloggers?
Leora said…
Frumhouse has that widget on her blog. I'll tell you a little trick...sometimes I go to Frumhouse's blog to see who's posted lately and on what. Nice to have friends, huh?

You need to find the name for that widget, and then add it in Blogger. (I use Wordpress, so it has different widgets).
antiSWer said…
Yeah, go with the scheduling. I get a kind of sugar rush from reading everything at once...of course, I can't just hold off, now can I?

As for announcing new posts of your fave bloggers, there should be a button on your blogger bloglist widget that says "Title of most recent item" and then "Date of last update". Check those off and you should be rolling...

Hope that's what you were asking for... :|
Jack said…
If I enjoy a blog I keep an eye on it to see if it is updated. So if you see me here, well than I enjoy it.

Write when and what you will.
therapydoc said…
You're all fabulous. I should get to this by 2011, for sure.
Fascinating - isn't it, how the technical/logistical seems to come easily to some? I don't get all this subscribing and feeding realted information. I post. People see it or they don't; they speak sometimes of getting alerts and mailings of blogs, but I don't grasp how to do this in a general or specific way.

A lttle less so, after I saw the footnote - I wondered if the rabbi was me. How many people using rabbi in their blog name are there? For the last two weeks, and I hope to continue it this week - I've been sneaking the posts that I've liked best and feel have been most substantial in my second blog (parshapost). These are pieces I write processing Shabbos visa vis parsha memories and expriences relating to the Shabbat just past and other Shabatot of those parshiot throughtout my life.

I think Jack put it very well and I agree. I like what you write - am glad I recently discovered your blog and so I will check in to see if you've written.