August Back A'cha

Wasting no time, here's the short list of bloggers who linked here last month, I think. Let me know if I missed you.

Let's dive right in with Melissa at the pretty GoodPracticeInstitute in New Jersey. She says that not every therapydoc takes a full month off for vacation out East (but many do). I had to ask, How does anyone get away with this? I mean, without punishment. Her other blog address is at Hope Forward.

Over at Her Family Blog they appreciate a good enmeshment story, the one about teaching the class and spilling the glass of water. What would people say if I said I made it up? My mother-in-law tells me to believe half of what I read. Should you guys?

Kathy with a K works with kids with autism and she is a ballet dancer, too! She writes The Fringe, and has some terrific recommendations for children's books. I also love the lay-out of her blog. Check her out.

Isle Dance
liked my post on therapeutic boundaries. I'm pretty sure, living on an island, she's got her own.

Oh, You're a Feminist is still at it, giving us the news about the news.

Master of Irony's suffered some tough times. And grandma's not doing so well.
A speedy recovery.

Sprittibee's into home schooling. I sure hope they have recess, although they're definitely making the most of education indoors and out.

All Rileyed Up is very cute. Her five steps to problem resolution are a must read.

Fighting Monsters is grousing and observing the opening day of grousing season. People hunt. Who knew?

Leora liked that post about the little girl and has some great thoughts on the subject, the Little Girl Syndrome.

Keith is a 40-something Registered Nurse, and he says he's happily married. See there are a few out there and mostly they're happy because they're spouses let them blog. Anyway, he's hot on the blogging trail, writing early and often, and making sense at the same time (although he's terrified we'll all be in senescence at the same time).

Syd likes the Cubs so we love Syd! Yes, it's that simple, ladies and gentlemen.

is, well, gossip about celebrities. But it's good gossip.

Modern Parent is our latest addition to the mommy bloggers. What happens when they grow up? Do you become Modern Grandparent? I sure hope so.

Little Frumhouse on the Prairie is my favorite place to check out how late I am for Shabbas. She's a wealth of Chicago information and, uh, news about people and things. One of my fave Jewish bloggers.

Another blogger, In the Pink is getting used to having a smart phone. It's like having a smart kid, Pink, you just have to keep up with it.

A Room of Mama's Own is renaming herself, or thinking what she would have named herself, if she had the power, which she does, of course.

Some bloggers are obsessed with lists, and being a person who has running lists of all sorts posted in all kinds of places, I admire them. Here's a list of 100 health-related blogs from Online Nursing

So I did a couple of depressing movie reviews and there are links to those at Missy's Window (you can find other movie reviews there, too.)

The Movie Guru also threw me a crumb.

The Weight Master took me seriously about Wall-E, included that post in a fitness carnival. Thanks, WM.

And those crazy business marketing people over at Network Marketing included Faking It til You Make It in theirs.

Another awesome new social work blog. Welcome Just When I Think I've Seen It All!

And the Lethological Gourmet suggests that you do not throw your bike. How could I not link to a post like that? Thanks, LG.

Treppenwitz (and everyone and everything else) is making me miss Israel.

New writers (well, honestly, no idea how old she is) to watch out for: In the nuthouse, stories of my life so far. I like the one about bird-watching and the Assistocat.

And one of your more psychologically sensitive mommy bloggers, Shosh, Living, working, mothering, One glorious day at a time. Notice the mothering is last on the list, although I know it was just for lyricism.

Antisocial Social Worker is taking a family therapy elective! I can't wait to see what she learns. Anti, you HAVE to share the wealth.

That's all folks.



Kathy with a K said…
Wow! How can I not comment on this post?! Thank you for mentioning me, my blog and the very kind words about it. Honestly, I've been wondering what my blog is actually about; thanks for letting me know!
Kathy with a K said…
Wow! How can I not comment on this post?! Thank you for mentioning me, my blog and the very kind words about it. Honestly, I've been wondering what my blog is actually about; thanks for letting me know!
frumhouse said…
Thank you for the link! This is such a great compilation of posts. I especially like it because I haven't visited many of the blogs included, so I will have a lot of new places to read!
Ilana said…
Thank you for the shout-out! It's an honor to have my writing read and enjoyed by someone who isn't a blood relative or roommate.

(Oh, by the way, I'm 22.)

therapydoc said…
Well, I was close. I thought 21.
antiSWer said…
Thanks for the link.

And just to be clear, "she" is a "he". Yes, I'm one of those rare breed male social workers. Look quick or you'll miss me! There aren't a lot of us around. ;)

And yes, I will be sharing the wealth. I just went to the first class today and it's gonna be a lot of fun.

Thanks for all the links. There are some great reads in there.
Leora said…
Thanks for the link. It's easier to post photos, art, recipes, but then sometimes I have a need to write something deeper. Inner turmoils are hard for me to express. Thanks for the encouragement.

And maybe you can learn to schedule posts...I got 3 of your posts in one day, after a "drought" of no posts...if you schedule them one day at a time, might help the readers. Just a suggestion.
therapydoc said…
Anti, I've been called a guy, if it makes you feel any better. Sorry.

And LEORA, the reason they're bunched together is that I might write things during the week, but generally don't get to editing and posting until I'm ready.

All in one day.

So the best way to avoid having to run back and check is to subscribe via email. Sorry for the hassle, but it's worked better for me than just pushing, "Publish."

I still end up editing, but a lot less.
Isle Dance said…
You are so right. :o) One sees their clients...nearly everywhere they go.