Friday, March 30, 2007

That Carnival

The Carnival of Alcohol and Relationships really will be posted on Saturday, April 1, as promised (sort of) but it won't be until late Saturday evening.

We're still friends, right?

Sorry for the confusion. Then in May we'll do a Carnival of All Substances (great and small). Only posts that serve as deterrent to abuse and dependence, of course, would be appropriate. Anything that relates is fine, relationships, recovery, experiences.
I'll announce it soon as I get my act together.

Thanks to all,



Unknown said...

Yeah, we're still friend even though I posted mine late. Sorry about that. My PC was struck down by lightning since last Friday and they told me I shall be back online next week. I'm using a friend's PC now. Tell me Doc, how do you live without your beloved PC for two long weeks?

Greeting from Malaysia.

therapydoc said...

You can't, and of course, I won't survive w/o a p.c. for 2 weeks.

I just won't write anything original (no comments from the peanut gallery) but will post everyone else's comments to the carnival, and I might post one of the many drafts I've held back for whatever paranoid reason I had at the time.

The holiday is actually finished Tuesday night, April 10, so I should survive. But I'll miss this, no doubt.

lushgurl said...

Hi Linda, I think you are on holidays right now, but I wanted you to know I submitted a couple of posts for the May carnival!
I know, I'm a little obsessive/compulsive today...LOL

therapydoc said...

Thanks so much!

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