I wish you . . .

Just a wish for Super Bowl Sunday Bears fans who couldn't go to Miami.

Sung to I Wish You Love
English lyrics by Albert A. Beach
French lyrics and music by Charles L. Trenet
Best performed by Natalie Cole

Lyrics below by none of the above

No matter how this game turns out
Those in Miami, there's no doubt
Will bounce back soon, it's just like June
They've got an edge

But those of us who bundle up
To visit friends and have some 'sup
Will watch the game but first complain
That this is rough.

Our frozen hearts will all concur
That when it's cold we brrr and grrrr
But Bears show moxy, who cares if oxy
Is ten degrees?

I wish you shelter from the breeze
Some cheesey nachos
Lemon freeze
But most of all
If snowflakes fall,
I wish you gloves
No, I'm not in Florida gloating. What did you think?
And that's it. I'm finished complaining about the cold in this city, for awhile.

But I will take complaints if anyone wants to commiserate.
Baseball's right around the corner, right?

Copyright 2007, TherapyDoc


J said…
Sorry about da Bears. Blame it on the rain. (Isn't that a song?) Lots of butterfinger moves.

Re cold: yesterday I discovered a new footwarming technique (that doesn't involve husbands) for interested parties: blow dryers set to high.

I suddenly feel like a freak.
TherapyDoc said…
but a warm freak. Watching those guys play in the rain made me ill. What kind of game do you play in the rain and the mud? This is civilized?
TherapyDoc said…
The truth is, not EVERYONE is suffering in the cold or the wet. My son in Israel's not complaining.