Why You Click on it and It's Not There

I had no idea this was going on.

Sometimes I'm writing a post and my pinky hits a button (maybe the return key, not sure) and the post publishes.

But I'm not ready to publish, so I curse, inevitably, and take it down right away, continue to edit. This can take several days, me editing. Maybe that's good, maybe it's bad. It is what it is.

But many of you who subscribe to the feed, who aren't getting it via email, think there's a post up when there isn't. You'll click on the link and see an old one. And the annoying part is that you don't get a second ping when I finally get the post up, the one that had disappeared.

If anybody has a solution, I'd like to hear it. And please don't tell me write off-line. There's something less exciting about that, and blogging, if nothing else is cheap thrills, right?

The post below this one "disappeared" last night.



Leora said…
Yes, this happened to me last night. I read your Gaza post with great interest, and I had a whole comment in my head, but when I clicked, it wasn't there.

I'm wondering if with Word Press, one would at least have the second version go through? You might have the same problem. Hmmm.

I'll have to come back to do my Gaza comment, as my 6 year old daughter is begging to use my computer...
Dana said…
When you first start your post, you could publish it as "private." That way, it does not matter if you hit publish because the post will still be viewable only to you and won't be sent to your feed.

Anna said…
Dana seems to have a good suggestion.
As suspected, I didn't have a 'new' Gaza post in my reader.
But I'm looking forward to reading it!
Lou said…
My brain is so fried from feed reader issues. I spent a whole week on it, it's exhausting. My feeds are still not updating for some people. I just gotta hope they come check on me;)
You could cut & paste your post to notepad, then delete it from blogger. Edit it in notepad, and the cut & paste it back to blogger, and publish. The reader will think it's a new post.
Harriet said…
Writing a post in notepad isn't exactly writing off line. I mean, you're still on line, right? I can't imagine writing a blog post on my actual wordpress page - it's way too risky. I would only write in notepad and I save after about every two sentences. Then I copy and paste to wordpress.

I know you said you don't want to do that, I was just telling you that's a good thing to do even though you don't want to. People like me are annoying, I know.

But I'm not a risk taker like you are.
therapydoc said…
I'm coming around, thanks. It's denial, you know. Thinking you can control something or should be able to control it.

And why bother? You're right. It's a risk and puts my readers out. So it's more than a risk.
phd in yogurtry said…
I didn't see this suggestion, one that I use when I'm on the ball, which means I seldom use it.

When you start out your new post, set the date of your post to sometime in the future.
Set the date a week from today, a month from today, doesn't matter. That way if you accidentally his "publish" it goes into "scheduled post" mode, or something like that.

To do this, there's a link down below the writing window, to the left, I forget what it says exactly. Post Options?

Leave me a comment if you don't follow and I'll go through it so that I give you the correct instructions.
therapydoc said…
Now that's using the ol' PhD.
ultraspy said…
Say you like living on the edge. Say you don't wanna change your ways. Say the result is that, on occasion, you've posted before you were ready. IF that happens, consider the article a draft. IF you want people to get notification, create a "new" post and paste the contents of your draft into it. It's a pain, but it takes care of your problem.

I cannot stress the brilliance of Dana's suggestion!
therapydoc said…
See, all these great minds. This is real brain storming, friends.
Annie said…
therapydoc, It sounds like you are getting helpful feedback about your problems. I know little to nothing about the issue. It is good to be back after shifting the function of my blog and I am trying to connect with others.

I appreciate the information you have shared in your posts. Peace, Annie
shaya g said…
This is the opposite of the problem I usually have: "Whoops, did I say that out loud?"!
Anonymous said…
Do you use Feedburner? If so, and I highly recommend it, you can easily refresh your feed from there.

In Feedburner, when you need to update your feed, go to:


Then press Ping.

If that doesn't work you can always open the Troubleshoot area and resync your whole feed.

Doing the above hasn't failed me yet.
therapydoc said…
Thanks so much. Yes, I use it but haven't a clue how, really. I'm going to try that!