Missed the link

Did the last post on the fly, and now, reading it from my phone, here at the gate waiting to fly stand-by, I don't see the ColdPlay video I wrote about.

You might need to see it to optimally understand the post.

If that's the case, if it didn't post, and I'm not sure of anything right now, on any level, go to youtube.com and search for The Scientist by ColdPlay.

The story is in reverse, the ending unexpected, and this explains the regret, the loss, differently than the words to the song as I understood them.

Sorry about that.



Shosh said…
the video is there, dont worry!
Reas Kroicowl said…
Oh, that's a GREAT video. Great song, too.
A classic, I should know.
Lisa (lrg861@aol.com) said…
I'm Lisa, an RN and LMHC practicing in Iowa. I can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I read it regularly, and enjoy your style. I'm wondering if you have any experience/thoughts on DID clients? I currently have two. I interned with a psychiatrist who is well versed in emotional trauma and the DID spectrum. But I'm interested in other therapists who may treat these clients...Thoughts?
That is a great song with a great video. I just love Coldplay (pssst, I saw them last week live in Hong Kong. If they're going near you, GO AND WATCH THEM!! Not only are they fantastic live, it is also the last tour for a long long time.)