Friday, December 31, 2010

Sexting and Mental Health

The Brett Favre sexting case has been bothering me, mainly the thought that since he sexted, Mr. Favre has had nothing but bad luck.

It's probably a huge stretch, but I'm going to throw an idea out there anyway, wondering exactly how wrong I am. It's on my other blog, so here's the link.

Have a happy, healthy, thoughtful new year, everyone. See you in 2011.



Anonymous said...

If you meant that we who dissociate are less than we could be, should be, then, yes I agree. It's not solely because of depression. I've known for some time that the whole of me is quite capable of "greatness", or at least "better-ness" than where I am now. In college, a professor sent us to a web site (just for fun) to test our IQs. Mine was 136. When I can get all of me together, we are good. Throw in some stress or a trigger here and there and just like a car that needs a tune up, I don't run so well. I hate it. I try, but can't do anything about it. That alone can be very depressing. There is a circle of issues: inability to cope; depression; dissociation; depression; inability to cope...

Beth said...

I think your idea is absolutely right. But mostly I want to say -- Happy New Year!

Jew Wishes said...

Wishing you a healthy, happy and wonderful 2011. Be well.

Syd said...

Happy New Year to you too TD.

Mr. Favre's life has become unmanageable.

Tag said...

Doesnt look healthy?
you can tell from the photo that he is mentaly unstable becuase?
he's bald? his half smile?

I dont think that a rifel shop could tell that a young bloke comming into the shop is mentaly unstable.Not by looking at him.

Not that Im for selling rifels to just anyone.. In Israel the selling of weapons is very strickt. There are very clear criteria to whon you can sell.

One must have a licence, have a job that requires a weapon or live in a place the requires one.

Happy N.Y

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