Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hard-Wired to Boil Over

For those of you who are here for the The First and Probably Only Therapists Know Stuff Carnival hang on, we'll get to it. The idea: Let's hear from people who don't do psychotherapy who still call themselves therapists. Mostly nannies applied.

More importantly:

We listened as FD boiled over on the telephone with a resident who missed the most important piece of a work up on a patient. His voice got louder, his patience thinner. I turned to my daughter-in-law-to-be and pointed to my son, then back to FD, and said, "This is what you are choosing. Our long-suit, patience, only goes so far. Genetics can rule."

She shrugged.

This in response to the WSJ story yesterday, Are You Hard-Wired to Boil Over From Stress?

Among the suggestions to control anger (it makes you look less refined, so tailor it):
Avoid situations you know stress you out (traffic)
Replace negative thoughts with positive ones (I'll make a suggestion here--Thinking this is not helping me right now, better move it along).
Breathe deeply and exercise regularly.
All good stuff, but unless you catch the rise, none of it will help. I'll throw in that body-awareness, noticing the animal in you and caging him, shooting him with an imagined animal tranquilizer) is the real ticket with anger management. Oh, and learn how to meditate, at least learn hatha yoga.

Many years ago a vet snapped at me with a vicious glare, and told me, I'm trained to kill.
I asked him if he knew he was glaring at me. He didn't, we discussed it.

I promised to host a carnival and almost backed out because the links didn't match what I'd asked for, but some of the writing is good, and some of it is really funny, if not necessarily intentionally funny. And a promise is a promise.

A BlogCarnival is a post where bloggers help other bloggers, especially new ones, by linking over to their blogs/websites. We let them strut their stuff.

The best is from Nanny Jobs, 10 Telltale Signs You Might Be a Bad Nanny.  Sharon also writes  How to Lose Your Nanny Job  a natural follow-up. Lie on your resume, do a lot of kvetching and it is likely you'll be out the door in a week.

I didn't try any of these aps to make the job easier from FullTime Nanny, maybe they'll work no idea, don't click or download on anything that seems remotely suspicious.

If you think you want your nanny to clean up the dog __, think again. Check out the job description.  Now let's hear some nanny jokes or stories in the comments, friends.

Don't get me wrong, I never let anyone advertise on this blog, and it does seem the nannies are advertising, as is the hypnotherapist who sent us this link, How to Do Self Hypnosis.  But it seemed harmless enough, a walk-through on how to trance out. And  truly, I can't find anything for sale.  Maybe there's a CD or a download somewhere there, none of it endorsed, and the nannies aren't, either, just to reinforce that the BlogCarnival is not an endorsement of any particular website. Regarding self-hypnosis, just walk through that door and set a goal . . .Then walk out, of course, watching your back.

We've talked about fear of intimacy. Is it the same as fear of love? Shaun Rosenberg has a rather racy pic on his website (quite the embrace there, unforgettable). His tell all: How to Deal With the Fear of Love (Philophobia). 

And finally, a family constellation therapist Jana Moreno at Wisdom-Ink answers everything you've ever wanted to know about family constellation therapy. It is news to me.

That's it, this is over. Again, the links aren't endorsements, and no, I'll not do it again, unless it has something to do with substances or OCD, carnivals I hosted in the past, or something a lot more in line with this work you count on me to write about. You can't blame a girl for getting a little bored.

Next post:  When Therapy Gets Boring.


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