Because it is getting all too crazy

That's what everyone is saying, the world is not what we thought it would be, or could be, or should be. It is crazy. People are crazy.

We're using the word crazy, even therapists are using the word crazy, which is a word that we frown upon. But to kick it up a notch, nobody is technically crazy in our world. If a description isn't in the DSM 5, and crazy is not, then it isn't a label. End of story.

What we're seeing is sociopathic, certainly, signs that people we call human are lacking in empathy, kindness, compassion, and, well, humanity.

The world feels unsafe. If a married couple take it upon themselves to kill the most vulnerable of our society, can't see that we're supposed to protect and find ways to care for the most vulnerable, those born with developmental disorders that make making it hard, then the world is not a safe place.

We have lost our innocence and our basic trust. It's gone. The world, the people in it, don't feel natural. What is happening is unnatural.

Many of you readers get this blog by email, and I don't want to glut up your email boxes whenever I have to write to get this madness out of my system. But I'm going to start writing, a lot more.

Just not here. And I'm not going to spend hours editing. It will be short and sweet.

The words, unfortunately, will include words like slaughter, massacre, gun down, bomb, stab, maul (reserved for tigers and other large cats), slay, murder. rape. There will be some hard words. We're living in hard times.

So we're going to try an experiment. I found another blog, one totally under the radar. I didn't even realize it is mine when someone linked over there and that caught my attention. It dates back to 2006, looks like I put it up as a shameless way to direct people here to Everyone Needs Therapy. When that was no longer necessary, I chucked the whole thing.

It is called When Therapists Blog.

The most recent post is about the San Bernardino shootings, and the one before that, the loss of Laquan McDonald and how the response to his slaying (murder) by police officer Jason Van Dyke is a problem, one that mental health professionals have to keep an eye on.

I'll surely write over here, but the topical stuff will go over there.  

Have a wonderful holiday, whichever you celebrate. And may there be no crazy in the news for the next four weeks, or ever again.



Anonymous said…
I'm signing up~! :-) DM
Bridget said…
Love this blog and your sense of humor.
therapydoc said…
Thanks DM, Bridget. It's a great outlet for me.
clairesmum said…
thanks, therapydoc for your blogs. your world view helps balance the 'crazy' and makes some attempt to make sense of and find meaning in (or "in spite of") daily life.
Unknown said…
I have started to also frown when I hear the word crazy. If you have taken any psychology you would know that you don't need to be "crazy" to go to therapy. I like what you said that crazy is not in the DSM-5. One thing I also really like is that therapy helps no matter who you are. The therapists are out there to really counsel and help us out.

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