A Lesson in Civility: Keiara Bell

She's thirteen and she took on a Detroit politician. One pol called another pol a "Shrek."

The YouTube clip is in the thousands and The Wall Street Journal's Katherine Rosman made this front page news.

According to WSJ, the pro tem President (who may think about anger management now) repeatedly interrupted City Council President Kenneth Cockrel Jr. as he tried to question a witness. Mr. Cockrel banged his gavel and asked the pro tem to be quiet while he had the floor. In the video she shouts back at him angrily:

"You not my daddy, you do that at home, not here. OK? Exacly. (spelled as it's spelled in WSJ). So treat me with respect because I'm tired of that. . . Shrek."

Mr. Cockrel is bald as is Shrek in the movies. Most of us know what Shrek looks like. He's green. Not too pretty. A troll, I believe.

"Shrek? I will call this to adjourn!"

Mr. Cockrel says that the video speaks for itself. He thinks Ms. Bell is awesome.

Keiara had an opportunity to discuss this with the woman who threw the insult.

Keira said, "But you didn't have to call him a name."

And the pro tem, in her defense replied, "But now you're telling me what I should have and should not have done."

"You're an adult," replied Miss Bell. "You have that choice."

"I'm what?"

"You're an adult. You had that choice. . .Sometimes people need to think before they act."

Fabulous. Words hit as hard as a fist. Tell the world, Keiara.

You're an inspiration.

And shrek is, of course, Yiddish. It means "monster".



Deb said…
YOu know, you can't make these things up!!!

Great story.
Jack said…
I have always loved the sound of "Shrek." It just says so much.

Anyway, I am always shocked that people forget about the cameras. You really have to be careful now about what you do/say.
therapydoc said…
I know people who collect cell phones at the door.