What If: The Movie

All right, all right. I get these things, these lovely notes from people in publicity jobs asking me to link to their product, movie, book, etc. Usually I'll try to review things I think might interest you.
But often I say, "I just haven't got the time."

So when they tagged me from What If: The Movie , when they sent me a note and suggested, Embed This! I thought, no time, no time, no time.

Except that the clips are only seconds long, and they really do point to some provocative ideas, the stuff of the future, and the stuff of imagination, and you know, you know, you know, that I tend to always be there when we're talking stretching your imagination.

I remember the first time I read Bernie Siegel's stuff about beating cancer using thought control. Marvelous. But don't stop the chemo. This is what we're talking about.

So here are a few clips, why not? Let's see if you have any opinions on this stuff.

First link, Bruce Lipton(these are to YouTube, by the way).

Here's the second with Joe Dispenza

And the third, Kevin Cavanaugh.

And the fourth, Virginia Ellen

for extra credit,
Dan Brule

and of course, Bernie Siegel.

Personally, I call it the power of hope, politics aside.



a cancer survivor said…
There's only one catch.... how does one *get* cancer in the first place? Is that part of the mind-body experience too? (Just in case you're uncertain, the correct answer is NO.)

If you've worked with cancer survivors, you'll know that the "Why me?" question is a biggie -- and while it's great to think that we can heal ourselves, it's not so great to think that we brought on the disease ourselves. Unfortunately, their different sides of the same coin. People spend a lot of time telling cancer survivors to "be positive" -- when the important thing, really, is to give them space to just feel what they feel. And sometimes (surprise!) it's not so positive. But make no mistake, it's the cancer, not your not-so-positive thoughts, that kills you.

Mind-body stuff is great for coping with cancer (disease and treatment), for trying to live with grace and humor in the face of a disease that is robbing you (and those you love and who love you) of life. To suggest that it cures cancer is not only untrue, it's just plain offensive.
therapydoc said…
I agree with your entire rant, Survivor. Imagery is often good for coping, does probably reroute our consciousness and helps some people, not everyone, cope. But to suggest our thoughts cause these things is so mean, and to suggest they are the cure is likely to mislead.

Thanks so much for writing.
Oyster said…
Thanks for the link, therapydoc!

Isle Dance said…
There is always hope and every healing option is worth trying, in the effort to heal, live and thrive. :o)
Anonymous said…
I've watched the movie and it truly is factastic. I gives you hope, a new beginning and better yet - hope for a better quality of life. I can only hope science and medicine research some of the topics discussed in the movie and sets money aside for the happiness of the human race...I encourge all to watch the movie. Amazing.
WhatEverWorks said…
Well I think there is a thin line between blame and empowerment. If you're coming from blame in relation to your thoughts creating your circumstance then I think thats missing the mark. However, if you come from a place of empowerment and you realize that What If? a part of my consciousness created this and that realization can take you out of victim mode and e and into empowerment...and if you realize you possibly played a part in the creation then you can create a different reality. Personally, I feel there are no victims. However, no one has to see it the way I do. If it feels right to you to think that things including bad health just 'happen' to you then that is your truth and that is great. However, it's not mine.
Anonymous said…
Obviously blame the victim bull#$%T disguised as science. If you "really believe" it, then you can make it come true. Where have I heard this idea before?? hmmm. "what the bleep do we know..",
all disney movies
all major religions
M.Grant said…
How exciting to see people bantering back and forth about this incredible film! While it may be difficult for people to digest the idea that we are not victims of our circumstance, but that we create our realities, I can be a testament to this life-changing, amazing idea. It is not about placing blame upon ourselves for whatever may be ailing us but taking responsibility for the lives we lead, for our subconscious AND our conscious thoughts. To think that the world cannot be changed by positive thought is simply untrue in this day in age, if we having nothing else, isn't the power of positive thought something unique to our species and therefore a powerful agent of change?

While I have been a proponent of this science of thought and the mind/body connection for some time, it was not until my encounter with What If? The Movie, that I truly realized the power we hold within us and that our fears are nothing more than negative thoughts that we can CHANGE! There is no need to live within the confines of fear when you free yourself from the idea that you are a victim!

What could be more exciting than the idea that we are truly powerful enough to change our own lives and therefore the lives of those around us? What If? The Movie provides us with this hope and this truth, without shoving anything down anyone's throats. What If? The Movie gives power to everyone who views it and I could not be prouder to be associated with such a remarkable vision!

Amazing! www.whatifthemovie.tv
therapydoc said…
why do i feel that the What If the Movie marketing people are writing most of this email?
M.Grant said…
Hi Therapydoc, I am not a marketing person for What If? The Movie, I am the writer, researcher and associate producer of this independent documentary film and I am doing my very best to share the message of this with everyone. If I have overstepped by boundaries than please let me know, there are absolutely no ill intents, just hope that you and your readers will gain something positive from the film. Thank you again for allowing me to speak freely, as an independent documentary film, we are always looking to find positive outlets for change and discussion and your blog is a great example of this.


Mercedes Grant for What If? The Movie
writer.researcher.associate producer