Charlee Sheen and Back A'Cha

It's impossible not to follow what's going on with Charlie Sheen.  He's talking a lot, to anyone who will listen.  A patient asked me to please blog about it, but I have to tell you.  I just don't have time.  Not right now.  And as luck would have it, a colleague did the job for me, and I trust Dr. Deb's assessment.  We don't need to reinvent the wheel.

All I might add is that if Mr. Sheen is sober for the first time, then yes, a manic episode might indeed follow, if  this is what is wrong, if he has Bi-polar Disorder.  Some people are uni-polar, you know, and this tends to refer to depression, but I have met a few unipolar manics in my life.  Not knowing his history, I can't say what Charlie has, not for sure, but what Dr. Deb says about mania is spot on.

Just because I have no time to write, doesn't mean you should suffer.  So here's an old fashioned Back A'Cha, links to people who link to me.  Or just to people I like.  If I left you out, email me.  Please.  You know I hate it when anyone's mad at me.

Dr. Deb on Charlie Sheen

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C_Girl said…
Thank you for the link!

Whatever is going on with Charlie Sheen makes me just plain sad. Here is a great post about the situation from a mother who recently lost her son due (in part) to an overdose:
upsi said…
Rock on, therapydoc, thanks for the link!

Cheryl said…
I'm your greatest critic? HUH? ME?!?! Well in that case, although orange is my fav color, I'm not lovin this orange and green. I hope you settle on something soon.
Anonymous said…
Hey, TherapyDoc, thank you for the link! I really enjoy your dry humor . . . keep posting!

- Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)
therapydoc said…
You're welcome all.
I don't think I can stop changing colors. It's just too much fun.

I mean, could anyone wear colors like these? But don't you just want to sometimes?
Cheryl said…
I'm glad you're having fun. And I DO dress like this sometimes. The clothes used in the following post are mine. Yes I wear bright orange shorts often in the summer, and I can pull it off too.
Sid said…
SO many resources I need to explore! Thank you for all the links, TD.

Mine included. ;)
sewa mobil said…
Nice article, thanks for the information.
Syd said…
I blogged a bit about Sheen last night. Mostly it was about his rant on AA. It would help if Charlie would stick with the winners and learn something from the 5% who did "get it".
upsi said…
I like the zesty colors! Brightens up my head.
Rayna Eliana said…
Thank you for Dr. Deb's link. I read the post and found it to be pretty accurate, from what I know of bi-polar disorder, having lived with one who was diagnosed with it.

Thank you for linking me. :)

The media seems to be exacerbating his emotional and mental state with their interviews of him.
Retriever said…
Thanks for the link!

I think Sheen is manic, has been self-medicating to keep his BPD somewhat managed for years...just my outsider's opinion. Also, classically, when people are first sober they often get a LOT worse emotionally. One factor in so many relapses. I hope and pray his being so famous and conspicuous doesn't interfere with getting honest and good treatment that will help him get better.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Cheryl said…
I think you'll really enjoy this post that went up yesterday
Sid said…
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Great article with great resources! Thanks for posting!
Erin said…
This blog is great! I just stumbled upon it and I am always looking for resoures for clients so this will be helpful. I particularly like this post! I also have a therapy blog that I started a bit ago...